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The modular sign system

Modular Airfield Signs

When you invest in a Lumacurve airfield sign, you can expect 50 years of performance, delivered through 3 independent systems. The Lumacurve design gives your maintenance staff the control it needs to do its job well, allowing them to repair, convert and update signs on the fly.

Airfield Sign Framework

Lumacurve's truly modular structure is designed for maximum longevity, flexibility and serviceability. Manufactured from marine-grade aluminum, the framework is a one-time investment from which you should expect 50 years of service. Modules can be added or taken away and legend panels can be slid in and out of the framework with ease, making the lighting system easily accessible for maintenance.

Airfield Lighting Systems

Our state-of-the-art LED lighting is available in "drop-in" upgrade kits to deliver top performance to any previously installed Lumacurve. The LED screw-base lamp is simple and robust, delivering great energy efficiency and ultra-long lamp life.

Modular Airfield Signs

As the environment and UV rays deteriorate the vibrant colors, our slide-in panel design allows for incredibly easy panel replacement. Factory fresh legend panels can "slide-in" to replace faded ones. Lumacurves unique curved legend panels are also strong and inherently shed jet blasts.


There are many compelling reasons to convert your signs to LED. Some Lumacurve customers appreciate the benefits inherent in the LED technology. Others are impressed by the unique product features of the Lumacurve LED design. Just about everyone realizes that the airfield lighting industry is ultimately heading toward a conversion to LED.

  • Robust, "Screw-base" Lamp Design

    Simple to install. Intuitive lamp replacement with no wiring or mounting required!

  • All-Inclusive Upgrade Kit

    Packaged one kit per sign with a handy handle. You can load a maintenance vehicle with all the kits and you're ready to roll

  • 25 Times the Lamp Life

    Unlike incandescent lamps, LED lamps lasts years not months

  • Installs in 20 Minutes

    "Drop-in" light bar design and end panel mount components makes quick work of the installation

  • Cost Efficient Parts

    Lamp replacements under $30 and a power supply priced at less than half of the competitors'

  • Low VA Loads

    Much less electricity is consumed; which means more signs on an electrical circuit and/or electrical vault equipment can be consolidated or downsized. A smaller carbon footprint.

How It Works

  • Lumacurve LED Sign
    Step one

    Decide which signs on your field you intend to convert and how you plan to convert them. Some airports do a few at a time with their own maintenance staff. Others use electrical contractors to convert the whole field all at once. You need a game plan that works for your airport.

  • Lumacurve LED Sign
    Step two

    You'll receive our Upgrade kits packaged in convenient all-inclusive boxes. Everything you need, one kit per sign. With the handy handle for easy transport, you can load the truck with our kits and let the converting begin.

  • Airfield Lighting Systems
    Step three

    Remove the existing light bars (2 bolts per bar) and drop in the new LED kits. Mount the power supply (2 bolts) on the end panel and the filter on the base (2 bolts) and connect the wires. Power it up and see the light. 20 minutes is what it takes a crew of 2 once you get in a rhythm.

  • Modular Airfield Signs
    Step four

    Take a moment to enjoy the brightness and uniformity of the new LED lighting. Then dust off that to-do list and start using your maintenance time to address the things you never had time for before. We're just happy to see the LED performance realized in Lumacurves that have years of service left in them.

Installation guide


Upgrading your existing Lumacurve signage to LED is good for your airfield, your crew and your budget.

  • Money

    LED is a smart investment that quickly pays for itself and saves on energy costs

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  • Time

    Spend less maintenance hours replacing bulbs and focus on getting other work done

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  • Energy

    LED reduces your energy costs and your airfield's carbon footprint

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  • Safety

    Fewer sign outages and fewer maintenance vehicles on the field means less risk

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Now is the time Upgrade your system to led

Lumacurve airfield signs are built to last 50 years. Protect your investment and boost performance by upgrading to LED lighting! Take the first step today!

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